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  • Alt text goes here Congratulations Canada, it is 2015 in more ways than one

    In the October 19 (2015) federal election, Canadians sent a clear message that former Prime Minister Harper's regressive decade of divisive, anti-immigrant, anti-native, anti-Muslim and, for that matter, anti-democratic politics is over; and it appears that it won't be back in the foreseeable future.

  • Alt text goes here Better living through Mindfulness

    A meditative technique called mindfulness can be useful in improving the functioning of people with mental health issues. It is also useful for people more generally and even has a role in improving the abilities of therapists in treating their clients or patients. This was the recent message of Canada's Dr. Meshal Sultan at the Royal Ottawa Hospital Grand Rounds. His talk dealt with a definition of the technique, some clinical applications, and the underlining mechanisms.