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June 26, 2024

An Open Letter to PM Trudeau: Gaza

Rt. Honourable Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

The Israeli government’s continued disregard for international humanitarian law, exemplified by the ongoing genocide in Gaza, necessitates a clear and definitive stand from Canada. The majority of people in the west now unequivocally demand a ceasefire in Gaza. The growing awareness among the younger generation, particularly with numerous encampments of students from major universities across North America, reflects a profound shift in understanding the tragedy in Palestine. These young voices, advocating for the Palestinians, are increasingly isolating their own political leaders including ours, who continue to support the status quo.

This generational awakening reveals much about the last colonial struggle against a lingering hegemony. The Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, marked by severe human rights abuses and systematic oppression, leading up to genocide, is recognized as a continuation of colonial practices. The widespread support for a ceasefire and Palestinian rights among western youth signals a decisive break from the past and a call for justice and self-determination. It exposes the disconnect between public sentiment and our Canadian government’s policies towards Palestine.

Western governments, often steadfast in their support for Israel, now face mounting pressure from their own citizens to adopt a more balanced and humane approach. This growing divide underscores the urgent need for political leaders to heed the call for peace and justice, aligning their policies with the ethical demands of their populace.

The struggle in Palestine is not just a regional conflict; it is a symbol of the broader fight against oppression and for universal human rights. As more people in the west, particularly the youth, rally behind the Palestinian cause, they contribute to paving the way for a more equitable global order.

Canada, like other nations, must listen to the voices of its people and students, who are advocating for a just resolution to the Palestinian plight. This moment offers a unique opportunity to stand on the right side of history, supporting an end to violence and bloodshed and fostering a future where peace and justice prevail.

A reminder, Mr. Trudeau, the corporate media have again failed to do their job. Canadians and Americans are not being educated about the world in which they live, which is consequential for our own democracy. If we are simply ignorant, it is more likely that we will get policy wrong and that we will give away our birthright as a free people with a Bill of Rights.

I Hope you are listening Mr. Prime Minister.

Thankyou for your indulgence.


Javed Akbar

Ajax, Ontario

Cc: Hon. Mark Holland

       MP for Ajax

       Minister of Health

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