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January 9, 2012

Democratic Egypt: Why Israel putting a negative spin

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Elmasry

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This is Egypt 2012, one year into the revolution. International media was here a year ago and are still coming. Free elections for a new parliament are almost complete and were almost ideal. But Western media has put a negative spin on the results, promoting fear of the Muslim Brotherhood getting a majority while ignoring very important facts.

This is the first massive free elections in Egypt, the Arab world and the Middle East with over 60% voter turnout, which translates to over 30 million Egyptians. This will lead to an elected upper and lower house, a new constitution, an elected government and an elected president; all by the people for the people. This of course does not sit well with Israel, hence the negative coverage by Western media and the negative comments by Western politicians.

For years Israeli propaganda repeatedly tried to say that Israel was the only democratic country in the Middle East. But this is a lie. Israel has no constitution; a prerequisite for a democratic state. A constitution requires a state to have well defined boarders and Israel’s boarders are ever expanding by stealing other nations’ lands. Moreover, Israel was created for Jews only, founded on a militant Zionist ideology, occupies other nations lands, defies all UN resolutions aimed to establish peace with justice, and with the backing of Western “democracies” launches or fully supports wars against its neighbors that causes death, destruction and misery to millions in the Middle East and around the world.

Israel has never worked to establish world peace. It has always worked for the welfare of Jews, and not all Jews for that matter, but Zionist Jews only. Western imperial powers were happy to second source military aggressions in the Middle East to Israel and Israel was more than willing to accept that role. Israel is the only Middle East country with nuclear war heads, has the largest military force in the Middle East, thanks to an aggressive draft policy, and possesses the most efficient killing machine on planet earth, thanks to the US.

Israel is also behind Western laws that criminalize its critics – hardly a behaviour of a democratic state.

The truth is this: Zionist Israel is fearful of real democracy inside Israel, in the Middle East and around the world.

Real democracy means the will of the 99% will dominate against the oppression and the greed of the 1%. As long as the 1% are in control of finance, media and politics, Zionist Israel is happy.

But what happens if this is not the case?

First, Zionist Israel will turn into a democratic Israel. Second, the Middle East will turn into a democratic Middle East promoting peace, justice, freedom and social justice for all its people. The same will be true for the world especially the US; by then the US president will ignore the powerful 1% and instead count on the people (the 99%)  for his (re)election.

For 2012 let us pray and work hard for a truly democratic world where the 99% are well represented and in full control of their future and the future of their children. This is the only path for a better world, a world that is blessed with peace, freedom, and social justice for all.

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