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March 31, 2010

A poem: Cold Blue Eyes, the New Stamp

Dr. Qais Ghanem

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Cold Blue Eyes has forced his stamp

Cold Blue Eyes has forced his stamp

On this nation like a shock

And has become the warring champ

Of one fraction of his flock

Which does boast thirty million

Who didn't elect such a minion!

Never mind other citizens!

As for those distant cousins

Who were told "take a camel!"

Caught like fish in a trammel

They'll find room in his prison

Where their rights he will jettison

Our Maple Leaf is always red

Just like blood from the fallen dead

So why did he paint it blue

Without asking me or you?

Is he the leader of this nation?

Does he work for ALL of us?

Do we pay for his vocation?

With our taxes, plus plus plus?

Or is he just an aberration?

Shooting off his blunderbuss

Causing so much perturbation

Not expecting any fuss

Should we now in consternation

This grave matter not discuss?

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