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July 23, 2021

Canada: A Beacon of Human Rights and The Rule of Law has doctors phoning people soliciting a peaceful death Part 2

Scott Stockdale

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Open Letter from Ruth Grummett Crying for Justice

July 14, 2021

David McNeil

President & CEO

Brant Community Healthcare System

Dear Mr. McNeil:

The loss of a mother is devastating and personal at any age.

I hope and pray that if yours is alive that you enjoy her company for years to come and if she passed away that her soul rests in peace and that her memories stay with you forever. Amen.

This is the story of my mother, Ruth Grummett, who passed away on April 27, 2021. It's a long story. But it's worth it for me to write it for her to rest in peace. I hope it's worth it for you Dr. Ajayi to read it for the sake of other Canadian mothers including yours.

This is the web site that has a cover story explaining why I believe numerous of your staff members are responsible for the premeditated murder of my mother Ruth Grummett:

In this article I wrote about how your staff conned my late mother Ruth Grummett (then 85) into signing an illegal DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) during Covid lockdown at the Paris Willett Hospital. I say illegal because legally a DNR must be witnessed by someone and it can't be someone from the hospital: it has to be someone from her side. Check your records and you will find that I was the only visitor my mother had during the time she was at the Willett. Despite my being in regular contact with Willett staff throughout my mother's hospital stay they purposely failed to inform me she had signed a DNR. Why would anyone who wanted to live sign a DNR?

Late on the night of April 12, 2021 she was sent to Brantford General Hospital. I arrived the next day. She was in emergency but doing fine, asking me what we were going to do with her furniture.

Dr. Butts came into her room and said she had pneumonia but she was not in life-threatening condition at that time. He said her heart rate was 140 and her oxygen level in the 60's when they brought her in the previous night but now her heart rate and oxygen level were acceptable. I asked and he confirmed that she was not in life-threatening condition now but she was when they brought her into the hospital late the night before. I asked him: “Did she have a heart attack?” and he said “No”. This was April 13, 2021.

On April 14, 2021, a Doctor Singh called me from the emergence department at the Brantford General Hospital. She told me my mother had signed a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) form while at the Paris Willett Hospital many months earlier. I said we are Christians so we can't do that and there is no way my mother would have knowingly signed a DNR anyway because she desperately wanted to live. Dr. Singh said that's too bad, the hospital officials at the time she signed determined she was of sound mind to sign a DNR. I told her the story (it's in the website article) of how Paris Willett Hospital Manager Lori Leighton had called me into her office and asked me twice if my mother had ever considered suicide and that thus these officials who tricked her into signing an illegal DNR had no credibility. Dr. Singh became very angry and said: “I can't comment on that.” I said: “I'm not asking you to comment.”

I asked Dr. Singh if I could have the DNR changed and she said no she has to do it herself. She then asked me if I would like to have her go and speak to my mother. I said no, that would just leave us in the same hole we're in now. Dr. Singh asked me if I would like to have my mother living on a life support machine for the rest of her life. I said no, just to get her over the initial hump and then we would take it from there. Somewhere in this conversation Dr. Singh also told me that if staff were going to try to resuscitate my mother they were going to have to break her ribs to do so.

Somewhat later in this sorry saga, a Dr. Abayomi Ajayi – head of the critical care unit at the Brantford General Hospital - used this same argument to try to convince me not to request full medical procedures to keep my mother alive.  This leads me to believe this is a standard part of this hospital staff's modus operandi (MO) when trying to convince a person to agree to a procedure they euphemistically refer to as “a peaceful death.” This is right out of a horror film. Then and now I was and am wondering why we were even having this discussion as my mother wasn't in life-threatening condition. (Please keep in mind that in this long narrative all these doctors at the Brantford General Hospital had to know that this was an illegal DNR.)

Meanwhile, back at the Brantford General Hospital, I visited my mother in the hospital two days later because I didn't know you had to book one day in advance, so I booked the following day for late morning. As I was preparing to go to the hospital, I got a call which showed Brantford General Hospital on my cell phone. The woman on the call said my mother had a temperature and so I couldn't visit that day. I thought this a little odd, so I called and spoke to the nurse responsible for my mother's care and she said my mother didn't have a temperature; and after I asked, she said my mother never did have a temperature that day. The nurse said I could visit, and I did.

When I told this to my mother, she said something to the effect that someone is trying to sabotage you. I said I know. She didn't use the word sabotage, but I don't remember her exact words.

My mother was now on the sixth floor and a Dr. Kielstra assured me over and over again, for the over one week my mother remained alive and fully coherent at the hospital, that hospital staff were going to do everything they could to keep her alive. I told Dr. Kielstra I intended to complain to you about Lori Leighton, manager of the Paris Willett Hospital calling me into her office and asking me twice if my mother had ever considered suicide, but I was going to wait until after she died because I was afraid hospital staff would retaliate against her. Dr. Kielstra said no one here would ever do something like that.

When I told Dr. Keilstra the story about how many months earlier Lori Leighton had called me into her office and asked me twice if my mother had ever considered suicide, she said: “Well that's certainly unprofessional.” I said: “Now remember, I didn't ask you to comment,” and she agreed. She also said I should tell you about this now – not wait until after she died. In hindsight it appears that Dr. Kielstra may have been right.

After visiting my mother every other day for about a week (check your records) the hospital called me on Wed. April 21, 2021, and said they were planning to send her back to the Long Term Care facility and they would call me when they were getting the taxi. A nurse asked me: “Are you people going to be able to afford a taxi?” The long-term care is a five-minute drive from the hospital. I believe the nurse who made that comment had to have been schooled by someone because that comment is not only gratuitous, but unheard of, especially from someone speaking on behalf of a hospital.

The hospital didn't call so I went up there and they informed me that they were expecting her to die that day. This despite the fact that her heart rate and oxygen intake numbers were well within acceptable range and remained so for at least four days. I saw the numbers on the two machines - heart rate and oxygen - for myself. (The numbers are in the website article).

When Dr. Abayomi Ajayi - the doctor in charge of critical care - called that Friday evening requesting permission to kill her – sorry, give her a “peaceful death” - it is evident by his comments in the story that he was well aware that the DNR had been changed.

They said the floor was on Covid lockdown, but they let me in on compassionate grounds because my mother was going to die. I don't know how they knew this when there was nothing wrong with her vital signs – do you?

Dr. Kielstra said my mother had swallowed something the wrong way and got pneumonia. I went in her room where she had an oxygen mask on and her intake was in the 80's and her heart rate was 100. I could see these readings on the machines for myself. These readings are far from life-threatening condition so why did they expect her to die that day? When I called out to my mother, she opened her eyes and looked at me with a focused look, not a blank stare. I couldn't help but notice that my mother had bruising next to her left eye from below the eye to above it, eerily similar to the location of the bruises I had regularly seen on the male patients – never the female patients - in wheelchairs at the Paris Willet Hospital.  I asked staff at the Paris Willett Hospital how these men got their black eyes and they said they didn't know; they must have fallen. They must have all fallen the same way because their back eyes were remarkably similar.

I asked staff members at the Brantford General Hospital about the bruising on my mother's face and they said they didn't know; she must have been hitting her head against the bed rail. However, the bed rail had thick padding on it - probably for the patients' safety- and of course all the staff would know this. Moreover, they would also know that she couldn't move well enough to thrust her head forcefully against the bed rail.

On the Friday April 23, 2021, when I got there mid-morning, the nurse or PSW said my mother had responded in words to her that morning saying, “Oh pain”, with regard to the needle they had in her hand for the IV drip. Meanwhile my mother had improved from Thursday such that her oxygen was 90 and heart rate 80, which is normal. In fact, she had improved so much that hospital staff took off her the oxygen mask and used nostril inserts which administer less oxygen than the mask.

That Friday evening Dr. Abayomi Ajayi – whom I later had it confirmed is the head of the critical care unit at the Brantford General Hospital – called me asking my permission to give my mother a “peaceful death.” He agreed with me that her oxygen intake was 90 and her heartbeat 80 so I asked him why give her an assisted death. He said: “I see this all the time – they rally for a couple of days and then they die. Death is my business.”

At the end of our Friday April 23, 2021, telephone conversation I asked: “What's your name?” he said: “Dr. Ajayi”, and he spelled out the letters of his name for me: A,J,A,Y,I.

It was answers like this that led to my telling Roger Shoreman (Mr. Shoreman is on google), a senior law clerk at a prominent Toronto law firm, during a lengthy telephone conversation about taking legal action in this matter, that “They're arrogant enough to have left themselves wide open.”

Please read the website story to fill in the time frame until the day staff called me saying my mother was dying.

Anyway, on the day my mother was in the dying process, hospital staff reached me quite easily on my cell phone with repeated requests for my permission to kill her. Of course, I said no each time and gave up telling them that we are Christians and we can't do that. These staff members didn't seem to understand this at all.

As I mentioned earlier in the website article, on the afternoon of the day before my mother died, hospital staff were able to reach me quite easily on my cell phone, but they solved that problem, calling my home phone and leaving messages because they realized after the first call that I was not at home.

I will never forget one of the last messages I heard – a few days after she died because I was having trouble navigating my Bell messaging system on my home phone. A doctor Hoana – that's the best I can do because the message wasn't clear on my system - who said he was from the critical care department at the hospital and that my mother wasn't doing well – I assume during resuscitation procedures, which she was legally entitled to – and he was going to give her a needle to calm her down and, this was probably going to prevent her from breathing; and this was probably going to cause her to die. He also said that because she had signed a DNR - an illegal one - they were not going to put her on a ventilator. He did this with the full knowledge of Dr. Ajayi – head of the critical care unit – who had already acknowledged to me that the DNR had been changed and she was entitled to full medical procedures to keep her alive.

Dr. Ajayi himself left at least one message and maybe more, on my home phone the evening my mother's life was ending. Tellingly, he put another doctor on his staff up to phoning with the message about the DNR and no ventilator. The reason why Dr. Ajayi didn't call me himself with the message that they were not going to put her on a ventilator because she had signed a DNR was because he knew it had long ago been changed to full medical procedures to keep her alive. “The executioner's face is always well hidden.”

In a July 8, 2021, telephone conversation with Detective Torek, of the Brantford Police Department, he made a couple of comments regarding how my mother died, reading of course from information he had from the hospital – He said cancer and heart failure. I said this is the first time I have ever heard that she had cancer. He said: “You and your mother were pretty close, weren't you?” I said “Yes.” He said: “Do you think she didn't tell you because she didn't want to upset you?” I said, “absolutely not.”

I told him if she died of heart failure why did the doctor make the comment about not putting her on a ventilator. Detective Torek remained silent as he did for many of my queries in the July 8, 2021, telephone call. He repeatedly refused to answer my pertinent questions.

Here is a case in point: I pointed out to Detective Torek that the Assisted Death law states that the patient or his or her legal representative must request it. Doctors can't solicit it, let alone pressure people into it. I said: “You know the law,' to him numerous times and all he would say was “Yeah,” nothing more. Detective Torek, of course must have had the approval of his superiors at the Brantford Police Department to take the stance he did.

Previously, when I first called the coroner's office, a Dr. Sulikowski asked me why I was calling the coroner's office now, months after my mother died and her body had already been cremated. I said I was talking to a guy from Quebec who is looking for exposure for a similar issue about his mother (he said my story was sent to him by high profile journalist Linda McQuaig) who gave me the idea and that I had never thought about it previously. At first Dr. Sulikowski was somewhat sceptical about whether my mother's death needed investigating but near the end of our conversation, when I said: “She was never in critical care,” the Doctor said, “If she wasn't in critical care, what's the head of critical care doing phoning you (requesting my permission to kill her)?” I said: “I don't know?”

That evening Dr. Sulikowski, at the coroner's office, left a message on my cell phone – should still be there – saying she called the hospital requesting my mother's records and she called Brantford Police. It was I believe in a telephone call with her the next day that she said a Brantford Police officer was going up to the hospital to get to the bottom of what happened to my mother.

Subsequently, in a July 8, 2021, telephone conversation Detective Torek, he assured me in the telephone call and again in a July 9, 2021 email that Brantford Police would not be going to the hospital to investigate; and instead, he will rely solely on medical facts in the coroner's report. In his email he said he will review the coroner's report and make a decision based on medical facts and that should give me a better understanding of how my mother died.

I replied in an email to Detective Torek that I have an abundance of detailed circumstantial evidence which I couldn't possibly be making up and he is going to have difficulty explaining why he chose to ignore it.

Due to my lack of satisfaction with Detective Torek's response, my adviser has advised me to send this information to the Attorney General of Ontario. I contacted the Attorney General's office by email a few days ago and yesterday they sent me an email stating that I do have the correct email address to send what I characterized in my query to their office as “very serious allegations of criminal wrongdoing.”

This letter will be part of my information package to the Attorney General and you will also be able to find it on our website in the coming days.

It is telling that throughout this long sordid sag, and my numerous dealings with numerous hospital staff, Dr. Hsiao – office in the medical building across the street from the hospital - was the only one who thought I may be a problem for him, as about a year earlier he stuttered through an hour-long interview I had with him in his office about getting a second opinion for my mother when she was at the Paris Willett hospital. I called his office and was instructed to book an appointment to see him using my mother's health card which I did. I would never have done this on my own because first and foremost that's not the Christian way and secondly, I would realize that this could be easily detected – the doctor would realize immediately that I am not my mother.


Scott Stockdale

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