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September 5, 2011

Dear Editor

Bill Hlibka, Daniel Noël, Trevor Goodger-Hill, Edwin Rutsch and Janet Desroches

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Re: Murdoch and Black, 9/11, empathy, Harper, smart meters

Re: Murdoch and Black

Good insight about Murdoch and Con-man Black.

Bill Hlibka

**   ***

Re: 9/11

It is refreshing to read one sensible 9/11 piece on a Canadian progressive web. The U.S. progressive movement has been so infested with 9/11 censors that very little objective 9/11 information ever makes its way to its members.

If you are ever curious as to what the Charger is contributing to clean up, here it is.

Daniel Noël

Costa Mesa, CA


**** *

Re: 9/11

I started to read the letter but it stops part way through a sentence. The link below reports of reactions. Where can I read the complete letter? I am curious as to why you did not provide all the text.


Trevor Goodger-Hill

**** *

Re: empathy

I read your article on empathy. May I suggest a further resource to learn more about empathy and compassion. The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

The Culture of Empathy website is the largest internet portal for resources and information about the values of empathy and compassion. It contains articles, conferences, definitions, experts, history, interviews, videos, science and much more about empathy and compassion.

Edwin Rutsch

*** *

Re: Harper: What Canadians should know

How many prints, radio and public TV broadcast media have picked up the highlights of this report? Being a political skeptic, I was delighted to have a lot of my suspicions confirmed in your report.

Bill Hlibka

** **** *

Re: Smart meters

Bravo for carrying the story of smart meters. I too, am very concerned about the installation of smart meters, but didn't know what to do to bring this to the attention of other consumers.

There is very good evidence that Electro Magnetic Frequency fields cause cancer. Even cell towers have been shown to emit radiation which is linked to increased lymphomas and childhood leukemia.

Dr. Don Cherry has written two very excellent scholarly articles on the increased incidence of heart problems and high pressure as well as cancers due to these waves.

If you like, I'd be happy to do a bit more research and to write a further article.

Janet Desroches

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