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September 29, 2014

Egypt's President urges world leaders at UN to confront extremism, end support for terrorism 'plague'

UN News Centre

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24 September 2014 - World leaders must intensity efforts to stop support for the terrorist organizations committing crimes in the Middle East and North Africa under the guise of religion, urged Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi as he addressed the General Assembly today.

“Terrorism is a plague that does not differentiate in its spread between developing and developed societies,” Mr. Al Sisi said, pointing out that the region’s security issues could be resolved by promoting rule of law, directly confronting forces of extremism, and ensuring equality among people.

Egyptians have “made history twice” in recent years by revolting against corruption, claiming their right to social justice and refusing to succumb to a tyranny that put narrow interests before the interests of the people, he said.

Mr. Alsisi laid out plans for a “New Egypt,” a State that will “not be held back by terrorism that thinks it can conquer and repress our nation.” This new Egypt respects the rule of law, guarantees freedom of opinion for all and is determined to achieve prosperity for all people.

To attain that, his Government is implementing a programme that spurs development until 2030, with the aim of laying the foundations of a free market economy capable of attracting investments. But the upsurge in extremism and violence perpetrated is causing pressing regional challenges that must be addressed through political solutions, he said.

On Libya, a political solution must strengthen elected institutions, ensure an end to the bloodshed and that the territorial integrity of Libya is preserved. Ending the smuggling of arms is imperative, said the Egyptian President. A framework for Syria must put an end to the killing of innocent civilians and ensure that the aspirations of Syrian people are met, without compromising with terrorism.

It is important to restore stability and government order to the areas that fell under the control of the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The Palestinian issue remains a top priority for Egypt, Mr. Al Sisi said, reiterating the need to establish an independent state and adding that “these principles are not up for negotiation, other the basis of a comprehensive peace in the region would erode.”

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