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April 29, 2011

Final flight from Sanaa, a book review

Michael Pilon, CD BSc DDS DDPH

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A book review of a new novel FINAL FLIGHT FROM SANAA by Dr. Qais Ghanem.

I found Final Flight From Sanaa to be a roller coaster. It started a daily routine of an MD who had parted from his wife. His chance meeting with a lawyer who was living a similar situation was an interesting study in emotions based on loneliness. I found it a light read and interesting to see the way it was presented.

But, as events in Yemen unfolded I felt I was thrust into the headlines. By this I mean, recent news events are showing how the Arab world is changing due to contact with outside influences. In this case it was the return of a man who was westernized due to education and emigration to Canada.

The events that unfolded showed that although some progress is being made the over powering subjugation of Arab females is still an accepted fact. Not just social suppression but the outright denial of rights and the covering up of sexual crimes by men.

It had a powerful message and one that may be playing out in some mid-eastern countries as people are exposed to venues that bring to light injustice and an inequitable distribution of wealth and lack of a democratic ability to correct these failings of their society.

It is at once an un-complex series of events that suddenly take the reader to a dark and foreboding reality.

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