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September 30, 2009

Iran, is the U.S. planning another unnecessary war?

Alan Hart

Alan HartPresident Obama declared, "Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow." That’s not a true statement. It’s missing five words. The truth required him to say all nations with the exception of Israel."

For his part, Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown took the anti-Iran rhetoric in the direction of hysteria.

Following the announcement, by Iran, of the existence of a nuclear facility outside the holy city of Qom, Brown declared, “The level of deception by the government of Iran will shock and anger the whole international community and will harden our resolve.”

In so far as there was deception by Iran - and that’s an arguable proposition - it did not come close to matching the deception Israel employed while it was developing its first atomic bomb.

As I document in some detail in Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy went to great lengths to try to stop Israel developing nuclear weapons.

They were thwarted not only by bare-faced Israeli lies and deception on the ground in the Zionist state, but also by the influence on Congress and the White House by the leader of the 30 Jewish millionaires who funded the initial development of Israel’s first atomic bomb. This gentleman’s name was Abraham Feinberg. Who was he?

The financial godfather of Israel’s atomic bomb, who planned and plotted from his suite in New York’s Hotel Pierre, made his fortune in the hosiery and clothing business. His battle with President Kennedy and his top advisers was intense. Feinberg himself once confessed: “I fought the strongest battle of my career to keep them from full inspection. I violently intervened not once but half a dozen times.” (Source notes in my book).

In their efforts to stop Israel developing nuclear weapons, Eisenhower and Kennedy were driven by the same consideration and fear. Both were seriously committed to preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

And both were fully aware that the credibility America needed to play its necessary leading role in turning hope into reality on this front would be gravely damaged and probably destroyed if the U.S. could not control developments in Israel.

We know today that the fears of both presidents were fully justified.

If the situation was not so serious and potentially catastrophic for the whole world, it would be very funny.

Iran must be open to inspection to prove that it’s not developing nuclear weapons, and Israel, which possesses many (about 700 including tactical battlefield nuclear weapons) can say “No” to inspection and get away with it.

And it’s all the more funny, I really mean obscene, because it’s Iran that’s threatened with annihilation, not Israel.

The most likely explanation for Iran’s decision to bring another nuclear facility on stream is a perceived need for an insurance policy. Meaning?

Given the threats from Israel and America - we now know that Vice-President Cheney, the real Dr. Strangelove, wanted to bomb Iran - there has to be a chance that easily hit Iranian nuclear facilities will be bombed at some point.

In that light Iran’s leaders might well have concluded that the survivability of their nuclear technology (almost certainly only for peaceful purposes in my view) could depend on having a facility in a place that was not only difficult to attack but which Israel (possibly) and America (almost certainly) would not dare to attack

I’ve written it and said it before but it bears repeating.

Until an American President is prepared to abandon the double-standard at the heart of U.S. policy, there can be no hope for peace in the Middle East and far beyond.

Alan Hart is an author, former Middle East Chief Correspondent for Independent Television News, and former BBC Panorama presenter specialising in the Middle East.

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