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July 29, 2011

Murdoch: Media corruption and the 9/11 victims

Joshua Blakeney

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The unfolding debacle involving Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, politicians of all stripes, "law enforcement" agencies and the deep state should not be taken lightly by Canadians. There is an attempt by the media establishment in this country to depict the concept of police-media-politician collaboration as aberrant, alien and something only tendentiously of relevance to Canadians.

Thus Christie Blatchford, perhaps a little too conspicuously, wrote in the Ottawa Citizen last week: “though I know the News of the World scandal is occurring within my business, I watch it unfold as I might also read about cannibalism in a far-flung corner of the planet: It’s interesting as hell, as the repellent often is, but has nothing to do with me, what I do for a living or newspapers as I know and love them.” [i]

Is untoward collaboration between the public state, deep state and the media as un-Canadian as “cannibalism in a far-flung corner of the planet”?

One only needs to look to the National Post’s Jonathan Kay, who has written a book with a retired Mossad officer, Michael Ross[ii], who also writes for the National Post, for an indication that journalists fraternizing with operatives of the deep state are as Canadian as maple syrup.

Don’t get me wrong. The function mainstream media serve in our capitalist society is indeed cannibalistic. The promotion of illegal wars of aggression, the dehumanization of Arabs and Muslims to pave the way for genocide, championing the defunding of the most weak and impoverished in our society whilst advocating for ubiquitous privatization and socialism for the rich; these reoccurring themes of the mainstream media contribute to fostering a society wherein a moneyed few metaphorically and literally devour the human potentiality of the many.

U.S. journalists, like Canadian journalists, cannot plausibly claim that the concept of the public state, the deep state and the media collaborating is foreign. It is as American as apple pie.

Post-Watergate, Senator Frank Church chaired the Church Select Committee to Study Government Operations which, among other forms of state criminality, uncovered the fact that 3000 journalists and 5000 university professors[iii] were working with the CIA to spread disinformation against the whipping boys of the day, Marxists (real and imagined).

Are we supposed to believe that the post-9/11 Islamophobic hysteria emanating from the academy and mainstream media emerged because there was and is an empirically provable Islamist threat posed to us which has been established by the rigorous research of meritocratic academics and journalists?

Or could it be that contemporarily we have 3000 journalists and 5000 university professors affiliated with intelligence agencies who are being encouraged to exaggerate the threat posed by Islamic terrorists whilst suppressing evidence implicating Western governments in false-flag terrorism?

In short, the nefariousness and apparent malfeasance of News Corp. is far from an isolated phenomenon. Rather, it is endemic in the corporate controlled media which, after all, is owned by only a handful of unelected, unaccountable plutocrats.

John Pilger opines in his recent article: “Long before it was possible to hack phones, Murdoch was waging a war on journalism, truth, humanity, and succeeded because he knew how to exploit a system that welcomed his rapacious devotion to the ‘free market’. Murdoch may be more extreme in his methods, but he is no different in kind from many of those now lining up to condemn him who are his beneficiaries, mimics, collaborators, apologists.”[iv] We must be introspective and recognize that we have a plethora of “beneficiaries, mimics, collaborators [and] apologists” operating in the North American media.

Don’t Be Fooled By the ‘Hacking 9/11 Victims’ Canard

On Wednesday July 13th Republican Congressman Pete King -- who the New York Times described as “the Patriot Act’s most fervent fan”[v] and who is on record asserting that “80-85 percent of mosques in this country are controlled by Islamic fundamentalists....This is an enemy living amongst us”[vi] -- penned a letter to the FBI Director Robert Mueller in which he: “urge[d] that the FBI immediately commence an investigation of News Corporation pertaining to recent media reports alleging that journalists working at the News of the World a News Corp. subsidiary, attempted to obtain phone records of victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11th.”[vii]

“As I see it,” King opined in an interview with Politico “I would expect more things to be coming out over the next several weeks. . .as we approach 9/11, the tenth anniversary, it’s even going to get worse.”[viii]

The allegation that News Corporation was hacking the phones of 9/11 victims is actually quite tenuous. It is based on anonymous speculation published[ix] in the Daily Mirror which, incidentally, was formerly owned by Mossad agent Robert Maxwell.[x]

Massimo Calabresi of summed up the situation cogently “The Hon. Peter King wants the FBI immediately to investigate the fact that an unidentified private investigator supposedly told an unidentified source who in turn supposedly told a reporter for the Daily Mirror that the private investigator was once asked by a News Of The World reporter to get call records of 9/11 victims and that the private investigator didn’t do it but he presumed that the News Of The World wanted those records so that they could hack into their voicemail.”[xi]

The righteous indignation being espoused by the likes of King stands in stark contrast to the languid inaction displayed by such U.S. politicians when in comes to responding to calls for a new, independent and objective investigation into the atrocities of 9/11 which, as the evidence shows, had nothing to do with Islamists taking orders from caves in Afghanistan and had everything to do with the Israeli Mossad in cahoots with “Israel firsters” in the Pentagon.

The Real 9/11 Victim’s Phone Scandal

It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, thanks to the scientific tests[xii] conducted by Professor A. K. Dewdney and other scholars, that most of the phone calls allegedly conducted from the allegedly hijacked planes on 9/11 were scientifically impossible. For example, it was originally claimed by the U.S. government that ten phone calls were conducted from United Flight 93 on 9/11 during the time when the plane was at an altitude of between 34, 300 and 40, 700 feet. After Dewdney and others demonstrated that calls from cell phones were impossible at that altitude as of 2001 the FBI retracted the allegation.

Likewise, with Flight 77, the plane that purportedly hit the Pentagon, the FBI as of 2004 conceded that no calls were made from cell phones stating: “All calls from Flight 77 were made via the onboard airphone system.” This might have solved the conundrum were it not for the fact that American Airlines’ Boeing 757s did not have onboard phones in 2001. This was confirmed by one AA representative in 2004 and by another AA representative in 2006 the latter of whom opined “[W]e do not have phones on our Boeing 757. The passengers on Flight 77 used their own personal cellular phones to make out calls during the terrorist attack.”[xiii]

In the Moussaoui trial of 2006 the FBI presented evidence of phone calls from all four allegedly hijacked aircrafts. The FBI’s tacit acknowledgement of the scientific impossibility of any cell phone calls was reaffirmed by the fact that they only offered evidence of two cell phone calls both allegedly made at an altitude of 5000 feet. Moreover, the FBI’s report on this subject, which can be accessed on their website, now only cites these two low-altitude alleged calls from Flight 93.

In his tenth 9/11 related book Cognitive Infiltration Professor David Ray Griffin reflects on this FBI demarche “while getting rid of that problem [i.e. the impossibility of the high altitude cell phone calls] however, the FBI created a new one: How to explain why so many people had believed that they had been called on cell phones…[with one phone call recipient seeing the] cell phone number on her Caller ID.”[xiv]

Not only might the phone lines of 9/11 victims have been hacked for News Corp. to acquire a headline or two, they might have been hacked by the true perpetrators of 9/11 to disseminate fabricated messages to their loved ones.

It should be noted that the supposed messages from allegedly hijacked passengers were one of the main sets of primary sources originally used to justify the official conspiracy theory that crazed Islamists with box cutters had taken over the planes. Post-9/11, making the case for the official conspiracy theory without these scientifically impossible phone calls would have been a much harder task.

Was the 9/11 Phone Hacking Issue Contrived in To Provide a Pretext for a “State Performance”?

The media induced moral repugnance which has arisen in response to the thinly sourced allegation against News Corp. provides an opportunity to the U.S. government – ever eager to cover up their complicity in the events of 9/11 and subsequent crimes against humanity – to engage in what might be called a “state performance.” The FBI, who hitherto failed to exercise due diligence and adequately investigate the events of 9/11 now has an opportunity to portray themselves as benevolent statesmen who care about the victims of 9/11 and their families.

All that will be discovered if the speculation printed in the Mirror is investigated is whether NewsCorp. did or did not hack the phones of 9/11 victims. What kind of recompense can be provided for the families of the 9/11 victims even if the speculation printed in the Mirror turns out to be true?

The U.S. state a) refused to investigate the crimes of 9/11 until these very families of 9/11 victims protested and compelled the Bush administration to initiate an “investigation” which b) was then completely unsatisfactory because it was completely under the control of Bush insider, “Israel firster” and public mythology expert Philip Zelikow who omitted crucial evidence. Hence, this phone hacking canard provides the 9/11 cover-up artists with a safe opportunity to pretend they actually respect the rule of law and give a damn about the 9/11 victims and their families.

Don’t get me wrong, violating the privacy of the 9/11 victims and their families is wrong, unacceptable and, if true, worthy of prosecutions. But it surely was far more heinous of the Murdoch press to censor the voluminous evidence, such as the impossible cell phone calls, which belies the official explanation for the murder of the 9/11 victims? Of the multiple injustices visited with mainstream media complicity upon the 9/11 victims and their families, bugging their phones, even if it’s true, ranks pretty low.

Towards a Canadian ‘Church Committee’

We need a Church Committee type investigation here in Canada to identify the extent of collaboration between journalists, professors, intelligence agencies, police and politicians. Labeling a society ‘democratic’ supposes that it contains a media which acts as a check on the public state and the deep state. The post-9/11 era has lacked this vital check on the excesses of here-today-gone tomorrow-politicians and agents of the deep state which is how Canadians have found themselves regrettably so deeply implicated in the Islamophobic 9/11 wars.  

Joshua Blakeney is a graduate student at the University of Lethbridge.



[ii]Michael Ross and Jonathan Kay. The Volunteer: A Canadian’s Secret Life in the Mossad. McClelland & Stewart Ltd. 2008.








[x] See Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon. Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Super Spy: The Life and Murder of a Media Mogul. TN: Da Capo Press. 2003.



[xiii] Cited in David Ray Griffin, Cognitive Infiltration: An Obama Appointee’s Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory, (Olive Branch Press, 2011), 61.

[xiv] Griffin, Cognitive Infiltration, 79-80.

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