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June 2, 2011

Stereotyping Muslims

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Elmasry

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George Clooney's character poignantly says in the movie Up in the Air, "I stereotype. It's faster." So let's stereotype Muslims. They …

  1. Believe in The One God, Creator and Lord of all.
  2. Believe that all humans are created equally.
  3. Believe in love; of God and his creations.
  4. Respect other peoples’ religions and people with no religion.
  5. Are hard working.
  6. Do not drink or do drugs.
  7. Are smart
  8. Are honest.
  9. Are kind.
  10.  Love to have fun.
  11.  Are romantic.
  12.  Work for public good.
  13.  Believe in peace with justice.
  14.  Believe in social justice.
  15.  Believe in human dignity.
  16.  Are modest
  17.  Are educated
  18.  Love to kiss and hug.
  19.  Love family life.
  20.  Love to have children.
  21.  Are loyal.
  22.  Are cultured.
  23.  Have a high standard of personal hygiene.
  24.  Respect others.
  25.  Have good senses of humour.
  26.  Communicate with God five times a day.
  27.  Are caring.
  28.  Appreciate seniority.
  29.  Love to travel.
  30.  Are fair.
  31.  Are fit.
  32.  Love sports.
  33.  Are thankful for what they have.
  34.  Are spiritual.
  35.  Love beauty.
  36.  Seek knowledge.
  37.  Love nature.
  38.  Love animals.
  39.  Are polite.
  40.  Are social.
  41.  Are adaptable
  42.  Are Outspoken.
  43.  Love their parents.
  44.  Love creative arts, music, film, etc.
  45. Don’t negatively stereotype others.
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