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September 30, 2010

The women I love

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Elmasry

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Of women, there are ten I love.

Of women, there are ten I love;

beautiful souls they surely are.

I pray to be there with them,

where I can fully see.

On the road to Paradise,

is where they all will lead,

the good ones of humanity

on a pilgrimage of love.

Eve, I still remember,

as grandmother of all.

Strong by Adam she stood,

when no others were there.

Moses’ mother, protective,

Trusted in God.

In the Nile, she floated her baby,

to be returned to her a wise son.

The Pharaoh’s wife,

bravely said “I believe in God --

I worship not my husband;

he is but a man, my king, my love.”

And Mary’s faithful mother,

humbly kneeled and prayed

and offered up her daughter,

to serve God forever.

Then Mary, Jesus’ mother,

divinely chosen, nourished

a miraculous son,

the Messiah, a Messenger of His word.

Khadija, the Prophet’s wife,

was the first woman of an era of faith;

to her gentle words of wisdom,

the Prophet used to return.

Fatima, the Messenger’s daughter,

was a mother of great worth

to two sons, Hassan and Hussein,

who were superior in character and also in name.

A’isah, a learned scholar, a teacher

to men and women of all ages,

was the Prophet’s wife, a leader

beyond duty, even in her youth.

Rab’ia, a Sufi saint,

spoke memorable words: “All of me

loves You because You deserve such love.

Seeing Your beauty is my ultimate aim.”

And finally, the unknown woman:

her kind presences

bring into life a fresh breeze,

not just for me but for countless others.

From Divine Love by Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, Pandora Press.

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