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August 20, 2014

Who is Radicalizing Muslim Youth?

Among the many allegations Muslims face, "radicalizing of Muslim youth" is one, so often repeated, that almost everyone believes this to be true. What is even more troubling is when we see some of our leaders and imams agonizing over this allegation and subjecting the Muslims to baseless jeremiads. So, it behooves upon us to scrutinize if this allegation is based on myth, chicanery or credible facts. We might then feel some solace to our troubled conscience.

There is a cardinal rule: “Never 'assume', because, when you do, you make an ass out of U and ME (ASS-U+ME)”. In engineering design, like in any other critical field, data used in design must be accurate (and not ‘assumed’) or the end result will be explosions, death and mayhem. In fact, even more deaths and destruction have been wrought upon Muslims and their homelands by powerful nations who chose not to ascertain facts, but to proceed with fabricated lies. So, it is critical to ascertain if the media stories are accurate, and not to regurgitate their lies or un-investigated reports, which most of them are.

Remember, right after 911, hundreds of Muslim youth were arrested with much fanfare and publicity, but after detention, questioning and even torture, they were quietly released due to lack of any proofs. The media seldom reported this, so an impression was left in the minds of the public that Muslim youth were being radicalized by extremists and they are a great threat to western nations (our Prime Minister Mr. Harper harangued “Islamicism is the greatest threat to Canada)”.

BUT, NOW COMES THE TRUTH!  The “Human Rights Watch” finally exposes the malfeasance:  The Guardian newspaper reports: “Government agents 'directly involved' in most high-profile US terror plots.”

 “Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the 'direct involvement' of government agents or informants”. Some of the controversial "sting" operations were proposed or led by informants, bordering on entrapment by law enforcement. Yet the courtroom obstacles to proving entrapment are significant, one of the reasons the stings persist.”

“The lengthy report, released by Human Rights Watch, raises questions about the US criminal justice system's ability to respect civil rights and due process in post-9/11 terrorism cases. It portrays a system that features not just the sting operations but secret evidence, anonymous juries, extensive pretrial detentions and convictions significantly removed from actual plots.

"In some cases the FBI may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by suggesting the idea of taking terrorist action or encouraging the target to act," the report alleges.

“Out of the 494 cases related to terrorism the US has tried since 9/11, the plurality of convictions – 18% overall – are not for thwarted plots but for "material support" charges, a broad category expanded further by the 2001 Patriot Act that permits prosecutors to pursue charges with tenuous connections to a terrorist act or group. In one such incident, the initial basis for a material-support case alleging a man provided "military gear" to al-Qaida turned out to be waterproof socks in his luggage.”

“While the FBI has long relied on confidential informants to alert them to criminal activity, for terrorism cases informants insert themselves into Muslim mosques, businesses and community gatherings and can cajole people toward a plot “who perhaps would never have participated in a terrorist act on their own initiative”, the study found.

“Among the informants themselves there is less ambiguity.  “It is all about entrapment,” Craig Monteilh, one such former FBI informant tasked with mosque infiltration, told the Guardian in 2012”. 

So, before you believe media stories, caveat emptor!

Here is another important fact: The New York Police Department which spent six years spying on Muslim neighborhoods, infiltrating groups and eavesdropping on conversations across the northeastern United States, has admitted its secret “Demographics Unit” failed to yield a single terrorism investigation or even a single lead.

So, you decide if mosques are “radicalizing” Muslim youth.

How about the much sensationalized 'Canadian home-grown terrorists' (“The Toronto 18”)? According to Prof. Michael Keefer, who has carried out intensive studies into this well publicized drama, this too was rooted in the same shenanigan. He writes: The whole sorry episode was essentially “a propaganda operation concocted to shore up the fraudulent post-911 psyop of the War on Terror”. (Read: Michael Keefer, “The Toronto 18 Frame Up: Fraud and Fear Mongering in the War on Terror,” - Global Outlook, summer, 2008).

There was another investigation called Project Thread (and re-named “Project Threadbare” by skeptics) led to twenty-four Muslims being arrested as members of an al Qaeda sleeper cell with plans to destroy the CN Tower, blow up the Pickering nuclear power plant, and set off a radioactive dirty bomb. The allegations were eventually dropped, and no charges were laid.

Now, think! After each of these arrests, much fear was created that Muslims were the enemies of the West, and monsters bent on killing innocent westerners. The media anchor persons and talking-heads never tired of mentioning how the young Muslims were being “radicalized in Mosques and Islamic Centres”. Imagine the damage to the Muslim community! So, isn't it the duty of Muslim leaders and imams to stand up to these false allegations, instead of repeating the lies of the media and the politicians?

One might ask: “are you saying no Muslim youth are being 'radicalized'? How about those who have gone from Western countries to join terror groups in the Middle East?” This is a valid question. Remember the “Underwear Bomber”, the young Nigerian Umar Farouk, who, we were told was recruited and radicalized by Alqaeda and sent out with a bomb on a plane? Well, it turns out he was actually working for the CIA and not Alqaeda. He was assisted by Israelis at the airport to board the plane without a passport! (Terrorists can’t move around the world without help, either visas, real or phony, passports, security “walk-arounds” and more).

So, with so much fraudulent reporting by the media and the politicians, we can never be sure who is recruiting and who is 'radicalizing', and who are helping these radicals to get to the trouble spots in the Middle East. BUT, even if we accepted media reports, the number of such 'radicals' is miniscule, compared to the radicalized JEWISH YOUTH, who go to kill Palestinians every year!

Columbia University PhD candidate Hanine Hassan reports: “Thousands of volunteers, from more than 40 countries, stream to Israel to serve in the Israeli military - many in combat units through the online “Mahal recruitment program”. Non-Israeli nationals of Jewish descent can join the ranks of the armed forces for an 18-month tour and be in the same front-line combat units as Israeli conscripts, including those operating in the occupied Palestinian territories”. But, we never hear about this in the mass media! And no one is blaming Jewish Rabbis for “not doing enough” to stop these criminals!

The “Huffington Post” reports:

“Most recently, they're wearing the uniform of the Israeli state, willing participants in the onslaught of Gaza's population. American volunteers have contributed to the deaths of at least 633 Palestinian civilians since the recent conflict began. Of the 30 Israelis killed, it has emerged that at least two had dual US citizenship.  So how does the United States respond? To start with, by sending more Americans.

“American citizens are systemically encouraged to fight, oppress, and kill Palestinians.

“Forget how America lectures Arab governments about "cracking down" or "stemming the flow" of Arab foreign fighters to Iraq or Syria or Afghanistan. For those American volunteers in Israel, there will be no FBI dragnet back home to trace their voyages from Newark to Tel Aviv. No interviewing of neighbors to understand what motivated the departed to don foreign fatigues and raise a rifle at someone they've never met. Not to mention being placed on the "no fly" list. Definitely no monitoring synagogue sermons or AIPAC conventions.

“As for Israel's American volunteers, they will also be spared the indignity faced by Muslim-Americans of FBI surveillance stings to inveigle US citizens to fight or injure others abroad.  And when was the last time you saw any US citizen prosecuted for supporting, or being violent Israeli settlers or being members of extremist groups like Kahane Chai? Rahm Emanuel, who volunteered twice in the Israeli Defense Forces, later became President Obama's Chief of Staff and Mayor of Chicago!

Perhaps our readers deserve a couple more surprises: The leader, (“Caliph”) of the so called Islamic Terrorist Group ISIL fighting in Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, according to “Veterans Today”, is actually a Jew named Elliot Shimon, who was born of Jewish parents. He is a Mossad trained operative! He was trained in espionage and psychological warfare against Arab and Islamic societies.

How about the dreaded ‘Islamic terror group' Boko-Haram? The “Nigerian Tribune” reports that according to a Nigerian group known as the “Northern Elders”, Boko Haram is a creation of the CIA, and MOSSAD. We have no way of knowing the truth, but ISIL, Boko-Haram and other similar outfits are committing horrific crimes to damage the image of Islam and Muslims. Obviously, there are those who immensely benefit creating factional fighting and destruction in Arab countries and the bad image of Muslims.

There are numerous cases of “By way of Deception” chicanery. Here is one example of “Radicalizing Muslim youth”! Remember the bearded and turbaned Adam Gadahn, the “American Al-Qaeda?” He had supposedly become a Muslim and was radicalized and became an extremist. He was all over the media, with his blood curdling calls to murder Americans. He was howling with anger: “Attack and kill Americans, not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but anywhere you can find them in the world. They are the real enemy, not Israel.”  So, who radicalized him?  Well what you know, he was actually a Jew, named Adam Pearlman, the grandson of a JDL terrorist, and an Israeli agent. He stirred up immense hate against Muslims.  Another so called “Muslim extremist”, Yousef al-Khattab was also a Jew whose real name is Joseph Cohen and he was running the terror promoting website “,” So was Abu Tallah Al-Amrikee, who threatened South Park, is also a Jew named Zachary Adam Chesser! They are all Jews posing as Muslims.

And about those fake Ben Laden tapes? The group distributing “Ben Laden's threats”, called “SITE Intelligence”, contracted to the American government, is run by a former Israel Defence Force member whose father was a Mossad terrorist. “SITE Intelligence” is the source of the fake Osama bin Laden tapes.

Friends, here you have it. So, whenever someone blames Muslims for “not doing enough” to stop young Muslims being “radicalized”, offer them some of these facts.

[Note: All the above information is in the public domain. Just Google].

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Rashid Khalidi is the Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University and the author of several books focussing on the Middle East including 'The Hundred Years' War On Palestine'. He explains some of the basic facts of the struggle for Palestinian independence and the creation of the Zionist project of Israel.

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