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July 27, 2012

Who is Salim Mansur?

The Canadian Charger

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Dear Salim Mansur:

Once in a while I peruse through Canadian newspapers, just to check out the main media trends in Canadian journalism or the lack of it.  I came across your captioned article (Hillary's message....July 21, 2012),  I was disgusted by its so simplistic and misleading content,  was going to brush it off as SunMedia hardly produces any journalism beyond the intellectual level of Canadian rednecks who probably buy the paper for the daily Sunshine girl pictures.  I've never heard of you, so googled your bio and was surprised that you are an academic and a professor of political science. 

Mr. Salim Mansur, your article makes sense only in the context of hate-mongering against Islamic religion and the community of Islam. 

You say because Egyptians threw tomatoes and shoes at her motorcade while chanting "Monica", that in your opinion describes a vulgar and violent act that only a Muslims are capable of doing so. 

To me it sounds like a peaceful legitimate demonstration which is an essential component of democracy, so are you proposing that just because Egyptians are Muslims they cannot exercise their democratic rights? 

I agree with your suggestion that "Hillary's message likely will be unheeded", after all her biggest ally in the region and so called "only democracy in the Middle East" Israel has been literally running a concentration camp for its minorities, not a good example for the fledgling democracy of Egypt.

I hope you do not lecture your students with such biased political outlook.

Erica Aden

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