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May 16, 2011

Why do we need independent media?

The Canadian Charger

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"We are going to impose an agenda on coverage by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with," said Richard M. Cohn, ex-senior producer of CBS political news. This is the sad reality of the Canadian media today. What can we Canadians do about it?

Canadians need an independent alternative not-for-profit media to balance the agenda of today’s corporate media.

“Alternative media provide a range of perspectives and ideas that aren't readily available in the profit-driven media products and outlets that dominate the Canadian mediascape,” said Prof. David Skinner of the Communication Studies Program at Canada’s York University.

Skinner added, “Media scholars illustrate that there are often gaps and omissions in the news and information products offered by large, profit-driven corporations.

Alternative media generally operate under a mandate other than the profit motive. They are focused on providing a range of ideas and opinions that are not readily available in the corporate press, or on serving the needs of a particular group or community that is poorly represented in major commercial media outlets.

Much needs to be done to support the development of alternative media if they are to offer a real option to corporate media, especially in terms of providing a wide range of political perspectives in news and information.”

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Art work on independent media is by Ricardo Levins Morales, founder of the Northland Poster Collective.

His new website is

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