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May 22, 2017

Why giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize was a mistake?

Scott Stockdale

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Although the Canadian Charger article entitled: ISIS is Obama's Legacy: Strip Him of His Nobel (link below), has - for the most part - met with deafening silence from most media, it seems to be resonating with some of the readers of Information Clearing House website.

Moreover, some of those who've posted comments are providing links such as “CIA created ISIS”, on Google, which clearly indicate that without the full support of Mr. Obama ISIS could never have grown into a strong army of terrorists, with uniforms, arms, medical supplies, a propaganda machine, and communication technology; and Turkey could never have given support and training without Mr. Obama's support.

Why would Mr. Obama support ISIS?

The name ISIS, offers some understanding of how ISIS's policies dovetail nicely with Mr. Obama's policies.

ISIS is an English translation of Daash which means The Islamic State in Syria Iraq and Syria.

It's clear from its name that its purpose is to establish a pure Islamic Sunni State in both Iraq and Syria. As such it will counterbalance the pro Shia governments in both Iraq and Syria.

Because ISIS will fight Shia Iran - the perceived enemy of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and UAE - it was fully supported by these Sunni states, which in turn sought Turkish and U.S. support.

Turkey and the U.S. were more than willing to do so because others were covering the lion's share of the costs and it fit nicely with Israel's goal of disintegrating Syria and Iraq. Turkey had good relationship with Israel and it is a member of NATO.

In an August 2016 article entitled “The Destruction of Islamic State is a Mistake” Professor Efriam Inbar, a director of the Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies, argued that while the West should seek to weaken ISIS, it should not go as far as destroying it because ISIS serves as a useful tool in undermining the strategic interests of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.

One commentator who wrote below the above-mentioned article on Information Clearing House website said Israeli support for ISIS affiliate Al Nursra front with military, material, and hospitalization of injured Jihadis is well documented by the UN.

It is telling that the comment receiving the most “likes” below the above-mentioned article on Information Clearing House website is an email sent to the Nobel Institute in 2011, from Ray Joseph Cormier, asking the committee to revoke Mr. Obama's Nobel Peace Prize.

In a subsequent note regarding his email, Mr. Cormier said there was no acknowledgement of his email until Geir Lundestad, Director of the Nobel Institute for 25 years, retired in 2015, and then wrote a book saying giving Mr. Obama the Peace Prize was a mistake.

In his email to the Nobel Institute, Mr. Cormier indicates that at first he was actually pleased to see then President Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize, as he was impressed with his wonderful rhetoric.

But, unfortunate for Mr. Obama and the Nobel Institute, Mr. Cormier at some point became aware that Mr. Obama's rhetoric was often diametrically opposed to his deeds.

“I am positive I am not the only resident of earth to see the difference between the words of candidate Obama and the inexperienced new President Obama you awarded the Peace Prize to and, his actions since then. Since being given the Prize, his actions on the world stage show he resorts to military action 1st and not as a last resort. He is showing by his actions to be undeserving of The Nobel Peace Prize.

“I may not be the 1st person to write to you about this, but I see justifiable reasons to recall the Peace Prize awarded to President Obama, prematurely in wishful thinking. He is showing himself, by his policies, to be unworthy of it. If you can't take it back, at least make a Public Statement saying in retrospect, 'The Committee made a hasty decision.' ”

Several other commentators's said they also wrote to the Nobel Committee asking it to revoke Mr. Obama's Nobel Peace Prize because his actions are anathema to peace.

Moreover, one commentator - Dr. Nomas Kakita – said the Nobel Committee should take away his “Peace Oscar” and then war crimes charges should be filed against him.  

Another commentator, who goes by the moniker Oh well, Orwell said:  “Obama himself has admitted in a televised interview that he really has no clue why he was awarded the Peace Prize. Ironically, his admission proved that he had not intended to bring peace of any kind, in the first place.”

Meanwhile several commentators said that ISIS was created because the Bush administration disbanded the Iraqi military and banned Baathists from serving in the government.

It is possible that some of the military experts fighting with ISIS in Iraq are ex-Iraqi army personnel. But they could not be the founding fathers of ISIS, as the ideology of ISIS is opposed to the secular national ideology of the Iraqi army, before the American invasion, at the time George Bush was president. Moreover, ISIS uses well paid mercenaries from the world over.

To date, not one commentator below the article entitled ISIS is Obama's Legacy: Strip Him of His Nobel, on Information Clearing House website has written in favour of the Nobel Committee's decision to award former President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Could this be because he has never done anything to facilitate peaceful relations between peoples anywhere in the world?

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