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April 29, 2011

Zionists smearing Arab revolutions

The Canadian Charger

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"Egyptians have inspired us, and they've done so by putting the lie to the idea that justice is best gained through violence... We must educate our children to become like young Egyptian people," said President Barack Obama about the January 25th Egyptian Revolution. But Zionists are smearing all Arab revolutions to stop any Western admiration and support. The most recent was an article by Conrad Black.

The Egyptian Revolution deserves admiration as the greatest peaceful revolution in history, calling for dignity, freedom and social justice for its 80 million people. It is inspiring not only the Americans and the Arabs everywhere, but also any one longing for freedom and social justice.

“The people of Egypt are the greatest people on earth, and they deserve a Nobel Prize for Peace,” said President Heinz Fisher of Austria.

“We must consider teaching the Egyptian Revolution in schools,” said David Cameron, Britain’s PM.

And similar praise from the PMs of Italy, Australia and Norway:

“Nothing new in Egypt … Egyptians made history as usual,” said Silvio Berlusconi, PM of Italy.

“In their millions, Egyptians have called for change – for an open, democratic society that offers greater opportunity for its people,” said Julia Gillard, PM of Australia.

“Today, we’re all Egyptians,” said Jens Stoltenberg, PM of Norway.

Now contrast the views of these top political leaders regarding the Egyptian Revolution with Conrad Black’s; the founder of Canada’s extreme right wing National Post and convicted criminal by the US courts.

Black did not have one good word about any of the Arab revolutions including that of Egypt. No fair analysis. None. In his view all Arab revolutions, those of Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen etc amount to nothing.

Black shows his hate to the Arabs offering his readers lies:

“The unspoken truths are that the Arabs have been in retreat for 1,300 years, since they were flung out of France by Charles Martel, and would be a flea-bitten mass of camel-drivers and casbah-dwellers — apart from the more astute groups, such as the Bedouins, Palestinians, and Christian Lebanese — if the British, French, and Americans had not discovered oil in some of the countries,” he said.

“There is no evidence that most Arabs are much interested in civil liberties, though they are dissatisfied with wasteful and inept government, spreading the poverty downward and without a clue how to generate real economic growth,” he added.

In his article published by the right wing American publication, The National Review, in its April 7, 2011 issue, Black shows his hate for everyone except the Zionists who give only Jews anywhere, but not the native Palestinians, a birthright to live in Palestine.

Zionists use violence, torture, discrimination, intimidation, and propaganda to achieve their goal. Any Jew who oppose this evil ideology is smeared, marginalized and called “a self-hating” Jew.

Black continues, “Unfortunately, the West has been hobbled by American political correctness and the ultimately self-destructive European practice of, in the words of the present pope, replacing the unborn with hostile (Muslim) immigration. In this vortex, there is reluctance among non-Muslim leaders to call things and people by their rightful names. This may be as much courtesy as cowardice, though it combines elements of both, and the worst of it has been the Obama appeasement of the evil regime in Tehran.”

The good news is this: History is not made or even written by hatemongers like Black, even if they get their friends to publish their rubbish.

Tahrir Square Photo by Dr. Mohamed Elmasry.

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