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The Canadian Charger is Canada’s new interactive online magazine that addresses issues that are important to you.


Because we are independent, reader-driven publication, we can ensure that these issues receive the fair and honest coverage not found in the profit-driven corporate media.


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Me, Myself book-1

[1026] Me, Myself, and Us: The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being – by Brian R. Little.

Smuggled Stories

[1027] Smuggled Stories from the Holy Land – by Carmen Taha Jarrah.

The morning after book-1

[1028] The Morning After and the Day That Almost Was – by Chantal Hébert with Jean Lapierre.

Hard choices book-1

[1029] Hard Choices – by Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Heirs book-1

[1030] Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms: Journeys into the Disappearing Religions of the Middle East – by Gerard Russell.

History book-1

[1031] History’s Greatest Fraud – by Scott Stockdale.

Middle Power book-1

[1032] Middle Power Middle Kingdom – by David Mulroney Former Ambassador to China.

Party of One book-1

[1033] Party of One: Stephen Harper and Canada’s Radical Makeover – by Michael Harris.

The Arrogant book-1

[1034] The Arrogant Autocrat: Stephen Harper’s Takeover of Canada – by Mel Hurtig.

World Order book-1

[1035] World Order – by Henry Kissinger.

Hard Truths book-1

[1036] Hard Truths: For Canada About Israel & Palestine – by Michael Keefer.

History of the Muslims book-1

[1037] History of the Muslims of Regina, Saskatchewan, and Their Organizations Islamic Association, Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Muslims for Peace and Justice “A Cultural Integration” – by Naiyer Habib & Mahlaqa Naushaba Habib.

 What is Modern Israel

[1038] What is Modern Israel? – by Professor Yakov M. Rabkin.


[1039] From tiny microchips to enormous galaxies – by Dr. Mohamed Elmasry.


1,000 Questions on Islam.jpg

  [1001] 1,000 Questions on Islam – by Dr. Mohamed Elmasry.

EgyptFrontCover2  [1002] A New Egypt – an eyewitness account with DVD, by Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, 2011.

June 12 2011 001-1[1003] Mohamed's Ghosts – Islamophobia in America, by Stephan Salisbury, 2010.


Spiritual Fitness picture.jpg[1004] Spiritual Fitness for Life – by Dr. Mohamed Elmasry.

lst_6607-1  [1005] The Britannica Guide to Climate Change – An unbiased guide to the key issue of our age - 460 pages.

41N9Mt7miHL  [1006] The Suicidal Planet; How to Prevent Global Climate Catastrophe – A must-read for anyone even slightly concerned about our future on this planet.

lst_6609-1  [1007] The Britannica Guide to the Islamic World – 430 pages covering religion, history and the future.

DVD & Book 002  [1008] I Shall Not Hate – by Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish. On Jan 16, 2009 Israeli shells hit the house of this Gaza doctor killing three of his daughters and a niece.

How does it feel to be a problem picture  [1009] How Does It Feel to Be a Problem? The 2008 American Book Award winner – by Dr. Moustafa Bayoumi, Associate Professor of English at Brooklyn College, the City University of New York -- Why eight years after 9/11 Muslims are still paying a heavy price?

In Canada  [1010] (COUNTED AS TWO SELECTIONS) In Canada, A Photo Journey Among Muslims – by the award winner ex-BBC photographer Karl Griffith-Fulton. Karl travels with his camera to Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener and Waterloo to produce the first book about Canadian Muslims, a collector item.

Muhammad a prophet for our time picture  [1011] Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time – by Karen Armstrong (Harper, 2006 - 240 pgs, softcover) A fascinating portrait of the founder of a religion that changed the course of world history.

Divine Love picture  [1012] Divine Love – by Dr. Mohamed Elmasry (Pandora Press, 2005 - 42 pgs, hardcover) Inspired by Rumi and other Muslim artists who wrote poetry about the Divine, the Egyptian-born engineer/academic expresses his love for the Almighty.

DSC01315  [1013] (COUNTED AS THREE SELECTIONS) Zionism, the Real Enemy of the Jews in three volumes – by Alan Hart (Clarity Press, 2009) Excellent reference to a 100 year old problem.

keefer book cover front  [1014] Antisemitism Real and Imagined – by Dr. Michael Keefer (The Canadian Charger, 2010 - 286 pages, softcover) Responses to the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism.

The Quran 365 book-1  [1015] The Qur’an, 365 Selections for Daily Reading – by Dr. Mohamed Elmasry.

DSC03663-1  [1016] Canada and Israel; Building Apartheid – by Yves Engler.

DSC03664-1  [1017] The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper's Foreign Policy – by Yves Engler.

DSC03665-1  [1018] The Truth May Hurt: Lester Pearson's Peacekeeping – by Yves Engler.

DSC03666-1  [1019] From MTV To Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life – by Kristiane Backer.

Jewish opposition book-1  [1020] Jewish opposition to Zionism – by Prof Yakov M. Rabkin.

Zanzibar book-1  [1021] Son of Zanzibar: A Historical Novel – by Dr. Mohamed Elmasry.

Homegrown and Handmade-1  [1022] Homegrown and Handmade – Essay by Karin Kliewer, Fiber Art; Diane Eastham.

With Books book-1  [1023] With Books – Memoir by Marianne Brandis, Encaustic Drawings; Paul Roorda.

Home book-1  [1024] Home – Reflections by Leslie Morgenson, Etchings; Michelle Purchase.

Another Nineteen-1  [1025] Another Nineteen: Legitimate 9/11 Suspects – by Kevin Robert Ryan.


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