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November 6, 2011

Barbara Kay: Islamophobe extraordinaire

The Canadian Charger

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National Post's columnist Barbara Kay hates Jews and Muslims. She wrote a column on Sept 30, 2009 titled "The Jewish enemy within" attacking Naomi Klein calling her "Canada's most famously faithless Jew," and Dr. Diana Ralph, calling her group Independent Jewish Voices an "Israel-hating fringe group," and calling Ralph herself an "anti-Zionist, anti-American conspiracy theorist." And on October 8, 2008 she wrote, "We must know the enemy (Muslims) within to fight." All articles are posted on her blog - for now.

On October 19, 2011 she attacked Dr. Ingrid Mattson, a world renowned Canadian professor of Islamic Studies.

In her blog Kay has a special section on Israel where she posts her hate mongering columns; some attacking anti-Zionist Jews and others attacking Muslims and smearing Islam.

Kay is not a scholar of any type; not of political science, not of Islam and not of Judaism and even though she does not have a PhD she had managed to teach English at a Canadian university.

She calls Israel, “our homeland since time immemorial,” and in attacking Klein and Ralph she says, “Israel is today in mortal danger from Hitler's myriad godchildren. Never mind the overt, spotlight-seeking Jewish anti-Semites.”

Kay equates Zionism with Judaism. She writes, “Klein and company won't administer the coup de grace to the Jewish people. That will come from more seemingly trustworthy, influential elites, nominal Jews who don't realize that they have abandoned Judaism for another religion, one presently antithetical to Judaism's existential portion.”

Kay explains why she hates the likes of Klein and Ralph, “Liberalism is today the de facto religion of most American Jews, a stunning 78% of whom voted for Obama, no particular friend to Israel, to say the least. It would seem that Jewish voters are more concerned about women's right to unconstrained abortion than Israel's survival.”

In responding to Kay’s hate filed column about Dr. Mattson, Prof. Stephen McClatchie, the principal of Huron University College, in London, Ontario where Dr. Mattson is posted said, “I was disappointed to read Barbara Kay’s column about the appointment of Ingrid Mattson as the inaugural London and Windsor community chair in Islamic Studies at Huron University College.”

Prof. McClatchie has held top academic positions in Canada including Provost and Vice-President, Academic and Research at Mount Allison University, and Associate Vice-President Academic at the University of Regina.

“Finally with respect to Ms. Mattson’s alleged support of Maulana Abul A’la Maududi: If Ms. Kay had taken the time to read Ms. Mattson’s book on the Koran, she would know that Ms. Mattson finds his Koran commentary troubling in a number of respects and does not recommend it,” Prof. McClatchie concluded.

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