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July 11, 2016

Responding to hate-filled articles by James M. Dorsey of RSIS, Singapore

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Elmasry

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I have received a number of complaints from readers about hate-filled and racist articles being circulated by one James M. Dorsey of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Singapore.

Mr. Dorsey expresses criticism over what he perceives as uncivilized behavior by sports fans in Muslim countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Iran and Qatar.

However, he goes beyond any justified concern about public fan conduct, extending his negative criticism to the law and order agencies, governments, and heads of state in the above-mentioned countries.

He does not write with the same vigor against fan violence in Europe or the UK, nor does he include political comment about the governments of non-Muslim nations. But when it comes to Muslim or Muslim-majority countries, Mr. Dorsey’s tone is consistently biased against them, to the point of being hate-literature.

Although Dorsey (a sports reporter-turned-political commentator) persistently associates himself with RSIS, his articles and research papers are not peer-reviewed. He signs his writings this way:

"Dr. James M. Dorsey is a senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, co-director of the University of Würzburg’s Institute for Fan Culture, and the author of The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer blog and a just published book with the same title."

I emailed Mr. Dorsey and asked him in measured professional language to refrain from leveraging the unsubstantiated claims in his articles by referring to his supposed research position at RSIS.

When he refused, I wrote to the Dean of RSIS, who offered me the opportunity to submit a rebuttal on one of Dorsey's articles about Egypt and its president which I did. I never heard back from him.

My article is here:

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