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September 28, 2016

Ten reasons why Donald Trump could win the White House

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Elmasry

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During what has easily become the most watched and analyzed electoral campaign in modern American history, the most egregious candidate (perhaps ever) has defied the odds of logic and tradition to come within steps of winning the White House.

Suddenly, Donald Trump’s antics aren’t just for entertainment and social media sharing anymore.

Could someone with his verifiable record of racism, bigotry, misogyny, military service avoidance, business deception, and highly questionable tax records, actually win?

Here are 10 reasons why the possibility of a Trump presidency is no longer a laughing matter.

1. Fed up with career politicians: Donald Trump is anything but. He’s not sugar-coating any of his views, extreme or otherwise. As a businessman he’s claimed he’ll bring urgently-needed change and cleanup to portfolios such as trade, jobs, African-American relations, law and order, terrorism, and NATO.

2. Habit and superstition: U.S. voters rarely elect another Democrat president after two terms of Democrats in the White House. They don’t seem ready to break that habit in 2016.

3. Trump has nothing to lose: This fact alone could give him great potential power. If he lost this election he goes back to his business life. For Hillary Clinton, a career politician, becoming President is a big deal. Her nervousness shows up in interviews.

4. Negative voting: Bernie Sanders’ supporters most likely will not vote for Trump, but trends indicate that they are alienated by the Democratic machine that favored Clinton and will not vote for her either. Negative voting could give Trump a winning majority.

5. First-woman-so-what syndrome: The fact that Hillary Clinton could be the first female President in American history is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the current campaign and all but forgotten by many voters – including women.

6. Swing vote power:  Trump speaks to swing voters and the undecided more effectively than Clinton. Some Americans will vote Democrat or Republican no matter what, but the candidate who attracts the growing swing and undecided sector could carry the day.

7. Reverse psychology: Contrary to some projections many voting Muslims, Mexicans, African-Americans and other minorities are educated middle-class citizens who will vote for Trump – despite his racist and bigoted remarks about them – because he has promised to crack down hard on criminals in the midst of their ethnic and religious communities, as well as implement tougher screening for non-whites wanting to enter the US.

8. King of the sound-bite: Trump articulates his views in short, quotable sound-bites more effectively than Hillary Clinton. This is the language millennials grasp.

9. Risking all for change: American voters are so ready for real change in the top office of their country that they are ready to take the considerable risk of voting for Donald Trump.

10. Punishment for failure: Americans perceive the Obama-Clinton administration as having failed to establish peace with security at home, or create peace with justice abroad. They want to make their displeasure known even in the face of uncertainty.

In summary: if Donald Trump wins the upcoming US presidential election, he will be the first President in history who is adamantly opposed to both the political establishment and the corporate media. Amazing, and strange.

Happy voting, America!

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