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June 23, 2010

Winnipeg Free Press and free speech

The Canadian Charger

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Vancouver NDP MP Libby Davies did what no politician in a free society should ever have to do-she apologized for being honest. But then, Canada is not exactly a free society, is it?

How could it be if a parliamentarian can be slandered, intimidated and browbeaten simply for expressing an honest political opinion?

Unfortunately for Davies, Canada, like the U.S., is an occupied country where the Israel Lobby is the chief arbiter of truth. Anyone who undermines Zionist dogma can expect to be savaged by the Lobby’s media thugs, which is what happened to Davies.

For honestly dating the origin of Israel’s occupation to 1948 rather than 1967, for example, she has been vilified, smeared and had her political career threatened.

Political expediency dictated that she instantly recant her heresy before the Zionist inquisition and publicly aver that, indeed, the world is flat. She did, but that wasn’t enough for Israel’s thought police. Typical is the incompetent hatchet job the Winnipeg Free Press did on her in its June 19 editorial.

Because tyrants fear words more than bullets, the truth must be made to appear false and fallacies appear to be true. This is done by setting the truth up to be rubbished, but the effect is utterly self-defeating. The editorial wrote:

“During a rally earlier this month, Ms. Davies stood in front of a sign calling Israel an apartheid state and accused it of laying siege to Gaza and conducting the "longest occupation in the world. Later, in a taped interview, she said Israel had occupied Palestine, a term for which she provided no definition, since 1948, the year Israel was created. The implication was that Israel had no legitimate boundaries.”

Watch closely…

Israel is an apartheid state;

Israel is laying siege to Gaza;

Palestine has been defined since Roman times;

Israel is conducting the longest occupation in the world;

Zionist Israel has been occupying Palestine since 1948 (1947, actually)

Since all these statements are demonstrably true, the implication of the editorial writer drew, that Israel has no legitimate boundaries, must also be true!

Davies could even have cited David ben Gurion to that effect when he openly refused to define Israel’s borders in 1948. In fact, it is Israel that has no definition. Anyone who wants to champion the Palestinian cause and defend the rule of law could make good use of this editorial.

However, to discredit the accuracy of the preceding, they are put into the context of Davies’ “apology,” which is then summarily rejected as insufficient. We are then treated to the standard, feeble disinformation about Israel’s “security concerns.”

This editorial is a mockery of journalism; the Free Press is a misnomer; and Libby Davies is an honest politician.

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