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Prof. John McMurtry


  • The Trump- Russia Connection: Why the Enemy Structures US Identity Prof. John McMurtry
    January 23, 2017

    Behind America's Perpetual Wars

  • The Primary Axiom of All ValueProf. John McMurtry
    April 19, 2016

    The following Primary Axiom of All Value is a core excerpt from Prof. John McMurtry, Philosophy and World Problems, Volume I, UNESCO in partnership with Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems: Oxford: Eolss Publishers, 2011. Here it is permitted reproduction in response to Prof. Mohamed Elmasry's article, "In Search of The Meaning of Life".

  • Decoding Harper's Terror Game beneath the Masks and DiversionsProf. John McMurtry
    November 19, 2014

    Stephen Harper is the most deeply reviled Prime Minister in Canada's history. On the world stage, he is the servant of Big Oil boiling oil out of tar-sands to destroy major river systems and pollute the planet with dirty oil, while his attack dog John Baird leads the warmongering and bullying of nations like Iran and Syria targeted by the US-Israeli axis. He is the most despotic and toxic first minister in the life of our country. His administration defunds every social program and life protective system it can. It strips the country of its public information infrastructures at every level - including now the gagging of non-profit NGO's by eliminating their charitable status if they question any policy of his regime. Just as his friend George Bush Jr., Harper holds government by big-money backing, continual lies, attack ads, and life-blind policies to enrich the already rich. Canada's neo-con political class may have its head on backwards, but Harper is very cunning in skirting, subverting and perverting the law to abuse power at every level. He is the poster boy of the global corporate agenda of wrecking society and its common life support systems.

  • How can voters be apathetic about Canada’s turning-point election?Prof. John McMurtry
    March 31, 2011

    Since Harper's defeat by the House of Commons, many have said the election is a waste of money. They may be asleep at a turning point of Canadian history. Harper now assumes he can do anything.

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