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Stephen Garvey


  • Harper: What Canadians should know Stephen Garvey
    August 10, 2011

    Two weeks prior to the 2011 federal election, the Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA) produced a non-partisan 226 page audit report on all federal registered political parties with a national platform barring the Bloc Québécois. The FDA electoral audit focused on a detailed background audit of the party leaders, audit of the visions and policies of the parties, and audit of the incumbency record of the Conservative Party. The nine-person audit team was diverse in terms of profession, gender, age and ethnicity.

  • Canada: The media and democracy Stephen Garvey
    June 23, 2011

    In a recent Foundation for Democratic Advancement (FDA) audit of the Canadian federal electoral system, Canada received less than 26% grade for electoral fairness.

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Today’s topic is the Origins of Islamic History Month in Canada In this show, we are interviewing Dr. Mohamed El-Masry a professor at the University of Waterloo

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