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September 7, 2010

Know your Muslims and win an iPad

The Canadian Charger

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What is the capital of Saudi Arabia? How many Muslims are there in China? A Muslim invented the camera, true or false? The word guitar comes from Arabic, true or false?

These are the types of questions included in a new interactive game on Muslims around the world soon to be launched by The Canadian Charger, Canada’s e-weekly magazine.

After six-months, the top scorer(s) will win the popular iPad as the first prize. Second- third-place finishers will get a set of books about Muslims. Readers can play the game as many times as they wish to improve their score.

This is the second game launched by The Canadian Charger. The first one was on climate change and alternative energy:

The games are informative and fun to play, especially for those aged 15 to 35, according to e-media studies.

Stay tuned!

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