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Edward C. Corrigan


  • TN Visa requirements to work in Canada, Mexico or the United StatesEdward C. Corrigan
    July 24, 2019

    American, Canadian and Mexican citizens, with the right professional qualifications, have the opportunity to work anywhere in North America under trade agreements negotiated by their respective governments. This agreement was formerly called the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA for short. Under US President Trump a new agreement, called the United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement (USMCA) took NAFTA's place. There are only minor changes in the new agreement.

  • How to keep your Permanent Residence Status in CanadaEdward C. Corrigan
    February 21, 2019

    If you are a Permanent Resident of Canada you keep your status as a Permanent Resident until it is taken away from you in a legal proceeding or you surrender it to Canadian authorities. You can lose your status as a Permanent Resident of Canada for convictions that are considered "Serious Criminality."

  • Resources on Jewish anti-Zionism and on Jewish and Israeli critics of ZionismEdward C. Corrigan
    September 29, 2018

    Given the recent attacks on British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Canadian lawyer Dimitri Lascaris and many others accusing them of being anti-Semites these articles, especially those quoting Jewish anti-Zionists and Jewish and Israeli critics of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, are helpful to rebut the allegation that all critics of Israel are anti-Semites.

  • The Role of the pro-Israel Lobby in CanadaEdward C. Corrigan
    May 3, 2018

    Many observers would be surprised at the pivotal role Canada played in the partition of Palestine and the creation of Israel. Ivan Rand who was a retired Canadian Supreme Court Justice played a critical role in getting the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) to recommend partition into a "Jewish State" and an "Arab State" over a unified Palestine. A unitary Palestine would have approximately one third Jewish population and two-thirds Arab population and based on the actual demographics of the country.

  • Anti-semitism and the silencing of debate (1 of 2)Edward C. Corrigan
    March 3, 2018

    While militarily strong and facing no existential threats Zionism and Israel's policies toward the Palestinians has been taking a beating in world opinion.2

  • Anti-semitism and the silencing of debate (2 of 2) (cont'd)Edward C. Corrigan
    March 3, 2018


  • Stemming the Tide of Hate Edward C. Corrigan
    November 6, 2017

    A Chinese Proverb says, "May you live in Interesting Times." Today in the "Age of Donald Trump" and a rise of right-wing political parties across the Globe we are seeing a resurgence of right wing views, anti-Immigrant sentiments and veiled discrimination against "The Other" and the trampling on the rights of various minorities. These minorities include the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, Palestinians in the Holy Land, refugees in Europe, Muslims in many countries, Arabs, even Christians in the Middle East, conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims, attacks against Blacks and vilification of Mexicans and other Hispanics in the United States, and discrimination and even persecution of other minorities.

  • New guidelines for student Visas. Leniency period ending November 9, 2016Edward C. Corrigan
    October 18, 2016

    Study and Work Permit holders from visa-exempt countries who received their permit on or before July 31, 2015 now need an Electronic Transfer Authorization or an eTA to fly or transit to Canada. The leniency period that allows travellers to board their flight without an eTA ends on November 9, 2016. However, up until November 9, 2016, you can board your flight without an eTA, as long as you have appropriate travel documents such as a valid passport. During this leniency period, border services officers can let you enter the country as long as you meet the other requirements to enter Canada.

  • Canada starts process to collect passport exit dataEdward C. Corrigan
    July 11, 2016

    On June 15, 2016 the Canadian Government tabled for first reading Bill C-21, or as it is called, An Act to amend the Customs Act. The Bill was introduced by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, the Honourable Ralph Goodale. This procedure is to start the process for keeping track of passport information for all individuals exiting Canada. The Bill has to have two more readings and review by the House of Commons Committee before it will be sent to the Senate and then proclaimed into law.

  • Providing false or incomplete information on a Canadian citizenship or immigration formEdward C. Corrigan
    April 30, 2016

    Many people come to our law office after they have applied for renewal of their Permanent Residence Card or after they have applied for Canadian Citizenship. After sending the Application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and setting out the time that they were "in Canada" they receive a request from Citizenship and Immigration Canada that they provide proof of the time spent in Canada. This process is called "Proof of Residence."

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