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Reuel S. Amdur Reuel Amdur is a freelance writer based near Ottawa.


  • "The Occupation of the American Mind" by ZionistsReuel S. Amdur
    October 17, 2016

    It is not just the West Bank and Gaza that are occupied by Israel. The occupation is felt as well in North America. That is the thesis of the documentary "The Occupation of the American Mind." After the film was shown at Ottawa's First Unitarian Congregation, Diana Ralph, a leading figure in Jewish Independent Voices, commented that the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs plays a role in Canada similar to that of AIPAC in the United States.

  • A book review: Canada and Israel, Building ApartheidReuel S. Amdur
    March 31, 2010

    Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid, Yves Engler, RED and Fernwood Publishing, 2010.

  • A Book Review: I Am Malala Reuel S. Amdur
    October 22, 2013

    I Am Malala, By Malala Yousafzai, Little, Brown & Co., 2013.

  • A Canadian woman's adventures in Israel/Palestine Reuel S. Amdur
    April 14, 2015

    Carmen Taha Jarrah has a thing about the Holy Land. Her book "Smuggled Stories from the Holy Land" (Mosaic Design Book Publishing, 2015) ends with her off on her third trip there in 2011.

  • A Giant has fallenReuel S. Amdur
    December 8, 2013

    Following Nelson Mandela's death we are being deluged by hagiography. Indeed there is much to praise, but better we should try to understand his role in history. To begin, it is clear that the festering sore of apartheid could not survive indefinitely, with a privileged white minority astride a much larger subjected black minority and growing international isolation. The seething unrest threw up Mandela as the leader and spokesman for the unrest, but had it not been Mandela it would have been others. In that sense, he was not indispensible. The anthropologist Leslie White, writing in the American Sociological Review back in 1947, expressed the matter eloquently.

  • A good day for Aboriginal childrenReuel S. Amdur
    March 19, 2016

    Whatever might be said in criticism of the Trudeau government, sunny days appear to be dawning over the Aboriginal file.

  • A Jewish settler speaks outReuel S. Amdur
    May 22, 2013

    It was a tumultuous time when Lia Tarachansky began school in Kiev. The Soviet Union was crumbling and Chernobyl was collapsing. She was the only Jew in her class, and the teacher, never using her first name, referred to her always as "Tarachansky the Jew".

  • A look at the reality of the Palestine/Israel disputeReuel S. Amdur
    February 23, 2015

    On January 28, anthropologist Dr. Jeff Halper, head of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, spoke at Ottawa's First Unitarian Congregation on the topic "Where are we headed in Israel/Palestine? Imagining the Future." But perhaps as important as what he had to say was who organized and sponsored his tour.

  • A mayor for Ottawa Reuel S. Amdur
    October 20, 2010

    Ottawa's municipal election takes place on Monday, October 25. Dr. Akbar Manoussi shared his thoughts on the subject with Canadian Charger. He is a retired professor, 24 years at the University of Ottawa's School of Business and five years at Carleton University. He has been a provincial and federal candidate for the Green Party and has served as vice-president of Ottawa's Central Mosque.

  • A mysterious attack in OttawaReuel S. Amdur
    June 10, 2010

    This is the story of an attack on two students: Mark Klibanov, an Israeli Jew, and Nick Bergamini, his gentile roommate.

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